Cards Just Can’t Catch A Break!!!

Just one hour before the game is to begin in Kansas City it is official That Clark Haggans… OUT La-Rod Stephens-Howling…OUT Jason Wright…OUT… Greg Toler…OUT Fortunatley Darnell Dockett will be plating today…….. Sheesh….

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Disaster in Glendale

Yikes… i really put my foot in my mouth yesterday with all the bad mouthing I did about the Sea-Hawks prior to yesterdays game. What to do? Yesterday was just shameful.. so many missed opportunities in the beginning of the game that we were not able to capitalize on. Poor Fitzgerald is the only one doing any work on that offensive line and yesterday I really felt bad for him.. What lies ahead for the Arizona Cardinals? We really need someone to lead this team and clearly Derek Anderson is not a leader… how about someone like Donovan McNabb?He owns a home here and he is terribly unhappy in Washington with Shanahan giving him nothing but Shananagans. I would love to hear your thoughts…

Cheering for the Cardinals at the Stadium

Doing a little Father to Son Coaching before the Game!

Lets Go Cardinals Lets Go!!!

Today there is absolutely no excuse!!!!!!!! The SEAHAWKS are a terrible team!! We have tremendous strength!!! We need to put our game face on and bring it to Pete Carroll… The End.

Darren Urban On Coach Whiz….

Whiz on defense, Haggans back, Beanie still sidelined
Posted by Darren Urban on November 11, 2010 – 2:29 pm

Coach Ken Whisenhunt wasn’t going to unload on his defense when talking about the unit Thursday, although he did acknowledge he thought they would have been more consistent then they have been. The defense has been unable to close the last three games, first allowing a stumbling Seattle offense three long drives late when the Cards were trying to rally, and then surrendering fourth-quarter leads against Tampa Bay and Minnesota.

“That has been a disappointment this year, that we have not been more consistent defensively,” he said. “That was an area we thought would be a strength. At times, you have seen what that is. It’s hard for me to complain with the turnovers they have created and the scores off of that, so I have to temper what I say. But as far as consistently be the defense we have seen at times — for a stretch against Seattle, for a stretch against Tampa, even for a stretch against Minnesota — that’s what we need to see more of.”

– Linebacker Clark Haggans finally returned to some work Thursday on a limited basis. Whether he can play Sunday depends. Whisenhunt said Haggans’ real test is Friday, since he had yet to do anything. Haggans said he felt good.

“I wouldn’t be out there running around, doing drills with Joey Porter and doing pass drops (if I was hurt),” Haggans said. “It was good to be back on the field with my guys and we’ll take it from there.” Haggans said he was “very confident” about playing Sunday.

– Haggans’ status as ‘limited’ was the only change on the injury report; running back Beanie Wells (knee) sat out again, as did linebacker Paris Lenon (ankle). Whisenhunt said he expects everyone to practice Friday.

“Everybody will go (Friday) and we will determine who is inactive based on their health,” Whisenhunt said. “I feel good about everybody participating tomorrow. It’s pretty fortunate this time of year.”

Whisenhunt praised Lenon’s intelligence this season and said even with missed practice time, he didn’t think there would be any issues with Lenon playing his regular role as long as health permits.

The Cardinals had a banged-up crew out for Wednesday’s practice. Running back Beanie Wells sat because of ongoing swelling issues. Linebackers Clark Haggans (groin) and Paris Lenon (ankle) also sat out, and it wasn’t a great day for the defense, since linebackers Joey Porter (knee) and Will Davis (knee), defensive tackle Darnell Dockett (shoulder) and safety Kerry Rhodes (hand) were also limited.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt attributed most of it to an overtime game on turf, accounting for some extra plays and less rest. I’m not sure about Lenon, but I’d expect the limited guys to be OK this week.

On Wells, we will have to see. Whisenhunt said he hoped Wells could practice more as the week goes on, and Beanie sounded somewhat optimistic on that too. But I’m probably done trying to predict on the running back. This is still the reaction to the injection — I don’t think it’s more than that — of last week.

Steve Breaston, quarterback. At least for one play.

The Cards worked all last week on an end-around pass from Breaston to Larry Fitzgerald. The play came up in Sunday’s game, but the Vikings wouldn’t let Fitzgerald come free, making sure he was double covered. So Breaston (who uses “Stevie Phantom” as an alias) rolled to the right and calmly waited for tight end Jim Dray to come open on a drag route and hit Dray for a 17-yard gain. The play was part of the Cards’ final scoring drive that put them up, 24-10.

“I like that, to have your coaches trust you to make the right decision, to put the ball in your hands to make a play,” Breaston said.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt admitted he got excited to see Breaston not only make a play, but made the correct read. “I was surprised he knew that,” Whisenhunt said. “But I guess I shouldn’t be with Steve because he makes those plays on Sundays.”

Whisenhunt added that “All these guys want to talk about is how good they are at these things.” Breaston, who played quarterback in high school, of course had no doubt he’d be successful.

“I was throwing it to Larry all week but once I saw Larry was covered, it was run or … my eyes were downfield the whole time and I saw the tight end coming across and made the pass,” Breaston said. “It was all about scrambling, and I knew I could do that. I’ve played quarterback before when I ran around, I ran around on punt returns. It’s just like running a waggle.”

Breaston once threw a touchdown pass in college, coincidentally to former Cardinals quarterback John Navarre. He laughed at the comparison. “Jim is a little faster than John,” Breaston said. “You go back and look at that touchdown run by John (in this video, at the 3:34 mark), it took him forever to get to the end zone. It took 20 seconds to go 40 yards.”

Running back Beanie Wells indeed did more work Friday and said after practice, “I’m playing” as he gets through the swelling on his right knee brought on by an injection of lubricant earlier this week. Coach Ken Whisenhunt said barring any further swelling tomorrow — which is not expected — Wells should be fine to play Sunday. At this point, the only player I don’t think will be available is linebacker Clark Haggans (groin).

– Sometimes, it’s good to keep things light. Darnell Dockett has a speaker in his locker that he can attach to his iPod or iPhone or whatever he has. Today, as guys ate some lunch after practice, suddenly Denny Green’s voice popped up. First Dockett played a music remix of Denny saying over and over, “They were who we thought they were!” Then Dockett managed to find the entire rant on-line, playing it for the room while he chuckled.

– Interesting that there are only seven players left on the roster from that ’06 team that endured Denny’s meltdown (and, in fact, the Cards’ last trip to Minnesota): Dockett, Deuce Lutui, Gerald Hayes, Adrian Wilson, Gabe Watson, Matt Ware and Larry Fitzgerald.

Running back Beanie Wells said it was an allergic reaction to a lubricant injection for his right knee — and nothing that happened in a game — Monday that caused the swelling that has limited him in practice. Because of that, he and coach Ken Whisenhunt are hopeful it will have dissipated by tomorrow and allow Wells to go back to work. Both stress nothing is wrong structurally.

The procedure isn’t uncommon, Whisenhunt said. Steve Breaston has used it. Whisenhunt himself has used to to ease knee discomfort. It’s just that Wells’ knee reacted badly. He plans to practice Friday. Whisenhunt said Wells definitely needs some work Friday in order to play Sunday.

“You want to go out and play full speed, not when your knee swells up and I can barely bend my knee,” Wells said.

Whisenhunt said the lubricant is called “Orthovisc.” “It’s nothing more than a way to help the knee, to improve the knee,” Whisenhunt said. It’s a method you do periodically, to “help the knee settle.” Whisenhunt said it is effective.

– For everyone still wondering about the Cardinals offensive line, former lineman Ben Muth writes up a details appraisal of the unit — and is fairly complementary — right here for Football Outsiders.

– The Big Red Rage is tonight at 6 p.m. at Majerle’s at Chandler Fashion Mall. Adrian Wilson’s guest is cornerback Michael Adams.

– Cards HQ, normally televised on FSAZ Wednesday nights, will debut tonight at 6:30 because of last night’s Suns game. This week’s edition includes the decision to start Derek Anderson, a look at the Cardinals new “Hammer” formation and ‘Wired’ with Stephen Spach.

– Finally, remember my comments about Randy Moss (which I stand by, BTW)? I never said he wouldn’t make the Hall of Fame, but I insisted he wouldn’t be a first-ballot guy. Many disagreed. Well, Jason Whitlock crystallized my thoughts right at the top of this column.

Beanie limited and the D.A. decision

Running back Beanie Wells was limited in practice Wednesday after suffered some swelling on the right knee within which he had had his meniscus surgically repaired. We will know more tomorrow on whether it impacts Wells’ status for Sunday but Whisenhunt said “I don’t anticipate it being an issue.” His back, which he hurt against the Bucs, is not a problem.

Linebacker Clark Haggans (groin) also sat out. Haggans will be day-to-day again, but I wouldn’t be shocked if he has to miss another game.

– As for coach Ken Whisenhunt’s decision to start Derek Anderson, a lot has to do with playing on the road this week in Minnesota (and, looking forward, at Kansas City in a couple weeks). Whisenhunt said he hasn’t soured on Max Hall. And when he was asked about possibly making another in-game change, Whisenhunt didn’t rule it out.

“We’re going to go into each game doing what we think gives us the best chance to win,” Whisenhunt said. “I’m not going to have a quick hook, if that’s what you are asking me. I told the quarterbacks I don’t think you can play the game worrying about that. But we will definitely do what we think gives us the best chance to win.”

– Also limited in practice were DL Alan Branch (back), WR Steve Breaston (knee), LB Will Davis (knee), WR Early Doucet (groin) and DE Kenny Iwebema (knee).

– The Cardinals’ players are holding an NFLPA meeting this after noon to vote on player reps and on decertification. Teams across the league are doing such voting — voting to decertify — in preparation of potential legal strategies in the event of a lockout.

Beanie Wells was talking about running lower.

“Sometimes at the end of my runs, I finish them a little high,” the running back said. “For the run’s sake and to protect myself’s sake. The lower you run, the more leverage you have and the more yards you get.”

Beanie Ball is a work in progress. Wells got his first start against the Buccaneers Sunday, and had a 14-yard carry in an electrifying first play of the game (pictured below). Greatness was expected. Then Wells could only gain 36 yards on the 15 attempts he had the rest of the game, limited not only because the Cards started playing catch-up but also because Wells hurt his back on his final attempt trying to leap cornerback Ronde Barber (and getting undercut in the process).

Last week, Wells said he didn’t think team’s stacking eight men in the box was a “big issue,” although he acknowledged this week “it is kind of tough.” After averaging 5.4 yards a carry in his first game of the season (Week 3 against the Raiders), Wells has averaged just 2.9 yards a carry in the four games since.

“I think every running back misses some runs,” coach Ken Whisenhunt said. “I think as Beanie gets more carries — he hasn’t had a tremendous amount of carries — he’ll be all right.”

Beanie said he saw one run on video in which he felt he missed the hole and off-tackle play he said came “later in the game.” Wells only had two second-half carries, both off left tackle and each for one yard. The first kicked off the touchdown drive eventually completed on a 30-yard run by LaRod Stephens-Howling. The other came just before Larry Fitzgerald’s go-ahead touchdown catch.

“I want to get better and help the team in more ways than I did (Sunday),” Beanie said. “I think I need to run better, a little harder in some situations.”

Adrian Wilson Rates CARDS DEFENSE as “F”.

Friday before the Seahawks
Posted by Darren Urban on November 12, 2010 – 3:42 pm

It didn’t take Adrian Wilson long to answer the question, sitting there on his own Big Red Rage radio show Thursday night. He was asked to give the Cardinals’ defense a grade for the first half of the season.

“F,” Wilson bluntly said.

And he didn’t back off it.

“I mean, you’ve got to be critical of yourself and you’ve got to judge yourself pretty hard,” Wilson added. “I’m pretty sure if you ask anyone in the locker room they’d say that. We’re playing nowhere near how we should be playing.”

(Hmmm. I hope that wasn’t conduct detrimental, me quoting him off the radio … I’ll consider that.)

Of course, there is no way the Cards’ defense is playing that poorly. You can be frustrated at the end of the Minnesota game, but as Seattle coach Pete Carroll said “they just got Favred” and there is truth to that too. The unit does need to finish – which Wilson emphasized, and which has apparently been emphasized all week from coaches to players – but that can happen.

Here’s the thing to me: Linebacker Joey Porter is playing well, as are guys like Alan Branch, Kerry Rhodes, even Paris Lenon. If the Cards’ Pro Bowlers start to flash more often (Wilson, Darnell Dockett and DRC come to mind), the idea of an ‘F’ will be laughable. For sure, Wilson is thinking about his season, which has been in a holding pattern since his huge season opening game in St. Louis.

“I got to start making more plays in the second half of the year, and that’s a guarantee,” Wilson said.

And with that, the Seahawks are on deck:

– In contrast to the two gut-punch losses the Cards have endured the last two weeks, the Seahawks have lost the two games since the last time these teams met by getting run off the road. There was a 33-3 shellacking against the Raiders and 41-7 ugliness against the Giants. It would seem to have made it harder to see much on video, since the games got out of hand.

But the Oakland game didn’t get sideways until later on, Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt said, so there was plenty to mine from that tape. The Giants, not so much. But, “when you are playing a division opponent that you have seen, you have a better feel with what they are going to do and how they will try to attack you,” Whisenhunt said, “so I don’t think it’s a big issue.”

– You’re gonna want to know about Beanie Wells. Well, I don’t know. As I said earlier, if he can’t give you something early, you have to think long and hard about making him active, since he doesn’t play special teams. My guess – and purely a guess – he will play more this week, although I’d think Tim Hightower will end up with more work.

– Speaking of Hightower, he was carving up the Seahawks last game (six rushes for 59 yards) before the fumble heard ‘round the world (or at least, ‘round the Cardinals’ locker room). More of the former without the latter this time?

– Forgot to drop this in the blog yesterday (I did tweet it, and if you’re not on you’re missing some of my best stuff, at least in 140 characters or less), but the game Sunday is a sellout. That’s 49 in a row for those scoring at home.

– The legendary Kent Somers has a nice breakdown of how the Cards were Favred last week on all those killer slant passes.

– Don’t forget the food drive Sunday either. Or the chance to help the Tillman Foundation scholarship fund.

– The Cards have given up 28 sacks this season, two more than all of last year. There are some reasons for that other than questionable protection or the fact Kurt Warner isn’t playing quarterback. Rookies always tend to get sacked a little more, and Max Hall endured 12 of the sacks despite having thrown only 75 passes to Derek Anderson’s 181. A couple came last week at the end of regulation when the Cards were fruitlessly trying to move downfield in 20 seconds.

“It’s been more about mental errors than physical errors,” Whisenhunt said, noting that one game had three sacks all on missed blocks by backs.

– The Cards felt they killed themselves in Seattle more than the Seahawks beating them. That final was 22-10, and the Cards gave up five painful turnovers. Regardless of how the last two games ended, the Cards are a better team than they were when they went to Seattle. Great? No. But definitely better.

Let the second half begin.

Arizona Cardinals have Reasons for Hope… says Kent Somers

Arizona Cardinals still have reasons for hope

The Cardinals are in the midst of a three-game losing streak but choose to look at their 3-5 record as a glass 40 percent full, not 60 percent empty.

Four of their next five games are at home, including three against NFC West opponents, and they have only one starter, fullback Nehemiah Broughton, on injured reserve.

So an optimistic Cardinals fan could make a case that the team is ready to turn a corner.

“I think that would be a fair assessment, or at least that’s the way we look at it,” coach Ken Whisenhunt said.

The 4-4 Seattle Seahawks visit University of Phoenix Stadium on Sunday for a 2:15 p.m. kickoff in a game that could go a long way toward deciding the division title – and the home playoff game that accompanies it.

If the Cardinals fall, their postseason chances would take a hit, considering they would be 0-2 against the Seahawks this season and would drop two games out of first place. The other NFC West teams, the San Francisco 49ers (2-6) and the St. Louis Rams (4-4), meet in San Francisco.

The Cardinals believe they are very much alive to win a third consecutive division title.

“We’ve seen signs of playing better football over the last couple games,” Whisenhunt said.

“I think we have to be realistic and understand what’s in front of us. I think the biggest thing is some of our younger players are starting to get it, they’re starting to make some plays for us. I think we’re starting to fit together a little bit better.”

The Cardinals don’t have the victories to show for it. The losing streak started in Seattle three weeks ago when the Cardinals committed five turnovers to lose 22-10.

In their past two games, at home against Tampa Bay and in Minnesota, the Cardinals lost leads in the fourth quarter.

The Cardinals still rank near the bottom of the NFL in most offensive categories but think they have improved since that game Oct. 24. Quarterback Derek Anderson has returned to the starting lineup, and starting receiver Steve Breaston is back from a knee injury.

“We’re much, much better,” receiver Larry Fitzgerald said. “We didn’t get much accomplished up there (in Seattle) last time. It was a pretty bad effort, but it’s been encouraging the last two weeks. We’ve been able to do some things offensively, and that’s something we can hang our hats on.”

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Beanie says he will play against the Vikes…

Arizona Cardinals running back Beanie Wells told reporters Friday that he will play Sunday against the Vikings in Minnesota.

Wells has been limited in practice all week after an allergic reaction to Orthovisc that was injected as a lubricant intended to ease discomfort in his right knee.

After Wells practiced more Friday than he had all week, Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt said that as long as there are no swelling problems Saturday, the running back should be able to play Sunday.

The knee swelled up immediately after the injection and had limited Wells in practice Wednesday and Thursday. The second-year pro from Ohio State missed the first two games of the season after injuring the knee in the final preseason game, requiring arthroscopic surgery.

Wells made his first NFL start last Sunday in a 38-35 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

For the rest of the Cardinals, linebacker Clark Haggans (groin) is listed as doubtful, while defensive tackle Alan Branch (back), wide receiver Steve Breaston (knee), linebacker Will Davis (groin), wide receiver Early Doucet (groin) and defensive end Kenny Iwebema (shoulder) are all listed as probable.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.